Four Wheel Drive Winches

Why develop and use the Intelligent Winch when there are many good four wheel drive winches in the market?

To answer this question here is a list with existing four wheel drive winches faults compared against the Intelligent Winch:

  1. Existing Winches: The fair-lead weighs about 5 kg and is mounted on the winch.
    The Intelligent Winch: Saves in costs & weight.
  2. Existing Winches:There is a friction between the fair-lead & the cable thus creating extra load on the engine.
    The Intelligent Winch: Cable is being wrapped directly on the drum without friction and loss of momentum.
  3. Existing Winches: The cable wraps properly provided the angle in relation to winch’s axis is 88 – 92 degrees.
    The Intelligent Winch: The wrapping is being done regardless of the cable’s angle.
  4. Existing Winches: In order to prevent damage the pulling angle is limited, allowing a slight deviation to the right or left.
    The Intelligent Winch: There are no angle limitations. The cable stays free of any damage.
  5. Existing Winches: When cable turns on one side of the drum the housing is exposed to pressure. This can cause damage, plus extra load on the gear & engine.
    The Intelligent Winch: The cable does not turn on one side of the drum.
  6. Existing Winches: A cable which is being wrapped unevenly will frequently be damaged.
    The Intelligent Winch: The cable is being kept intact under all circumstances.
  7. Existing Winches: When a cable is wrapped unevenly, quite often you are required to untie it by tying the end of the cable and driving backwards.
    The Intelligent Winch: The cable always turns evenly on the drum.
  8. Existing Winches: When a cable is wrapped unevenly it is impossible to re-activate the winch.
    The Intelligent Winch: The winch is always ready for the next mission.
  9. Existing Winches: A cable wrapped unevenly is time consuming and will never enable even wrapping.
    The Intelligent Winch: The cable always wraps evenly.
  10. Existing Winches: The system suffers from rapid wear of the housing, cable, engine & gear.
    The Intelligent Winch: No wear of any of the components.
  11. Existing Winches: The damage to the various components causes low credibility & high maintenance costs.
    The Intelligent Winch: Zero maintenance costs.
  12. Existing Winches: The tear in the cable creates safety issues.
    The Intelligent Winch: No safety issues.
  13. Existing Winches: Infrequent users find it difficult to operate the winch due to the limited capability of the system to function beyond the perfect angle, i.e. 90 degrees.
    The Intelligent Winch: The winch is both friendly and safe for all operators, including beginners.

In total we present you with 13 big advantages that the Intelligent Winch has against all of the existing four wheel drive winches.

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